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Purchase detials

First, thank you for considering SML! We are excited to help you find your next family member. In order to reserve your pick of the liter, we require a nonrefundable deposit of 200 dollars that goes towards the total amount of 1000 dollars. The remaining amount is due when you pick-up your puppy. When you pay your deposit you will be next in line for the pick of the litter. We start accepting deposits when puppies are 1 week old.


We accept payments using Venmo. For any questions feel free to call/text 979-218-0858.



*All puppies will have full AKC registration, a litter certificate that shows their genealogy, their first set of shots, first round of flea meds, and multiple rounds of dewormer. We also provide a bill of sale at the time of deposit for our records and yours.*


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